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Winners of the CeNS Publication Award 2010

Each year, CeNS awards prizes for excellent publications of CeNS members which have been published during the past 12 months. This year, the candidates submitted numerous articles which appeared in high-impact journals between October 2009 and October 2010. With this award, remarkably successful cooperation projects within CeNS as well as outstanding research of an individual research group of CeNS are distinguished.

The winning publications (random order):


Jürgen Neumann, Martin Hennig, Achim Wixforth, Stephan Manus, Joachim O. Rädler, and Matthias F. Schneider
Transport, Separation, and Accumulation of Proteins on Supported Lipid Bilayers

Nano Letters 10 (8), 29032908 (2010)


Volker Schaller, Christoph Weber, Christine Semmrich, Erwin Frey, and Andreas R. Bausch
Polar Patterns of Driven Filaments

Nature 467, 73-77 (2010)


Marek Janko, Albert Zink,  Alexander M. Gigler, Wolfgang M. Heckl, and
Robert W. Stark

Nanostructure and Mechanics of Mummified Type I Collagen from the 5300-year-old Tyrolean Iceman

Proceedings of the Royal Society, Vol. 277, No. 1692, 2301-2309 (2010)


Kevin P. Musselman, Andreas Wisnet, Diana C. Iza, Holger C. Hesse,
Christina Scheu, Judith L. MacManus-Driscoll, and Lukas Schmidt-Mende

Strong Efficiency Improvements in Ultra-low-Cost Inorganic Nanowire Solar Cells

Advanced Materials, Vol. 22, Issue 35, 39033958 (2010)


Mario Berta, Matthias Christandl, Roger Colbeck, Joseph M. Renes and
Renato Renner

The Uncertainty Principle in the Presence of Quantum Memory

Nature Physics, 6, 659-662 (2010)


Axel Kirchhofer, Jonas Helma, Katrin Schmidthals, Carina Frauer, Sheng Cui, Annette Karcher, Mireille Pellis, Serge Muyldermans, Corella S. Casas-Delucchi, M. Cristina Cardoso, Heinrich Leonhardt,  Karl-Peter Hopfner, and Ulrich Rothbauer
Modulation of Protein Properties in Living Cells Using Nanobodies

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, Vol. 17, 133138 (2010)


Christof B. Mast and Dieter Braun
Thermal Trap for DNA Replication

Physical Review Letters 104, 188102 (2010)


Jie Ren, Peter Hänggi, and Baowen Li
Berry-Phase-Induced Heat Pumping and its Impact on the Fluctuation Theorem
Physical Review Letters 104, 170601 (2010)


Anna M. Sauer, Axel Schlossbauer, Nadia Ruthardt, Valentina Cauda,
Thomas Bein, and Christoph Bräuchle

Role of Endosomal Escape for Disulfide-Based Drug Delivery from Colloidal Mesoporous Silica Evaluated by Live-Cell Imaging

Nano Letters 10 (9), 36843691 (2010)


Klaus-Dieter Hof, Franz J. Kaiser, Markus Stallhofer, Dieter Schuh,
Werner Wegscheider, Peter Hänggi, Sigmund Kohler, Jörg P. Kotthaus, and Alexander W. Holleitner

Spatially Resolved Ballistic Optoelectronic Transport Measured by Quantized Photocurrent Spectroscopy

Nano Letters 10 (10), 38363840 (2010)


Andreas Mayer, Michael Lidschreiber, Matthias Siebert, Kristin Leike, Johannes Söding, and Patrick Cramer
Uniform Transitions of the General RNA Polymerase II Transcription Complex

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 17, 1272 - 1278 (2010)


Melanie Brunnbauer, Felix Mueller-Planitz, Süleyman Kösem, Thi Hieu Ho, Renate Dombi, J. Christof M. Gebhardt, Matthias Rief, and Zeynep Öktenc
Regulation of a Heterodimeric Kinesin-2 through an Unprocessive Motor Domain that is Turned Processive by its Partner

PNAS 107 (23), 104601045 (2010)


Rico Gutzler, Thomas Sirtl, Jürgen F. Dienstmaier, Kingsuk Mahat,
Wolfgang M. Heckl, Michael Schmittel, and Markus Lackinger

Reversible Phase Transitions in Self-Assembled Monolayers at the LiquidSolid Interface: Temperature-Controlled Opening and Closing of Nanopores

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 132 (14), 50845090 (2010)


Axel Schlossbauer, Simon Warncke, PhilippM. E. Gramlich, Johann Kecht, Antonio Manetto, Thomas Carell, and Thomas Bein
A Programmable DNA-Based Molecular Valve for Colloidal Mesoporous Silica

Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Vol. 49, Issue 28,  47344737 (2010)


Kausik Chakraborty, Manal Chatila, Jyoti Sinha, Qiaoyun Shi, Bernhard C. Poschner, Martin Sikor, Guoxin Jiang, Don C. Lamb, F. Ulrich Hartl, and Manajit Hayer-Hartl
Chaperonin-Catalyzed Rescue of Kinetically Trapped States in Protein Folding

Cell, 142 (1), 112-122 (2010)


Thorben Cordes, Mathias Strackharn, Stefan W. Stahl, Wolfram Summerer, Christian Steinhauer, Carsten Forthmann, Elias M. Puchner, Jan Vogelsang, Hermann E. Gaub, and Philip Tinnefeld
Resolving Single-Molecule Assembled Patterns with Superresolution Blink-Microscopy

Nano Letters 10 (2), 645651 (2010)


Haojin Ba, Jessica Rodríguez Fernández, Fernando D. Stefani, and Jochen Feldmann
Immobilization of Gold Nanoparticles on Living Cell Membranes upon Controlled Lipid Binding

Nano Letters 10 (8), 30063012 (2010)