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CeNS Investment Fund

To promote the scientific independence of postdoctoral researchers, CeNS is launching up to four € 6.000 research grants. With the CeNS Investment Fund, outstanding postdoctoral researchers at CeNS/LMU will be supported. Applications of female researchers are especially encouraged.

The awardees will be selected by the CeNS board according to the following criteria:

  • innovative and creative nature of the candidate's work
  • interdisciplinary character of the candidate's work
  • potential shown by the candidate as a future leader in nanoscience

Submission guideline:
Applications should be sent to Susanne Hennig.

Application deadline 2022:
October 17

Awardees 2022

Dr. Martin Lee, AG Efetov: Strain-engineering quantum electronics

Dr. Dana Medina, AG Bein: Covalent Organic Framework Thin Films by Solution Molecular Layer Deposition

Dr. Julia Thorn-Seshold, AG Thorn-Seshold: Redox - a handle on inflammation

Dr. Andres Vera, AG Tinnefeld: A Graphene Energy Transfer assay to study DNA repair


Awardees 2021

Dr. Viktorija Glembockyte, AG Tinnefeld

Dr. Martin Reynders, AG Thorn-Seshold (split prize with Ana Sousa Castillo)

Dr. Jenny Schneider, AG Bein

Dr. Ana Sousa Castillo, AG Cortés (split prize with Martin Reynders)

Dr. Juan Wang, AG Tittl