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Nano Innovation Award

The Nano Innovation Award is awarded annually by the Center for NanoScience together with the CeNS spin-offs attocube systems, ibidi, Nanion Technologies, and NanoTemper Technologies, to honor junior researchers at Bavarian research institutions for excellent research in the nanosciences. Research projects with a potential for industrial applications are especially invited.

The prize is awarded in two categories:
1. For an outstanding Master student in the field of nanosciences/nano(bio)technology
2. For an outstanding PhD student in the field of nanosciences/nano(bio)technology

The prize money is donated by the CeNS spin-offs attocube systems, ibidi, Nanion Technologies and NanoTemper Technologies.

Prize money:
€3,000 in the category "Master students" and
€6,000 in the category "PhD students".

In addition, the awardees will be invited to present their results at the CeNS workshop in Venice.

Winners of the Nano Innovation Award 2018
Winners of the Nano Innovation Award 2017
Winners of the CeNS Innovation Award 2015

Awardees 2018

Nano Innovation Award for master's thesis
Konstantin Ditzel, group of Dr. Philipp Paulitschke/Chair Prof. Joachim Rädler (LMU)

Nano Innovation Award for PhD thesis
Dr. Klaus Wagenbauer, group of Prof. Hendrik Dietz (TU Munich)


Awardees 2017

Nano Innovation Award for master's thesis
Florian Schüder, group of Prof. Ralf Jungmann (MPI of Biochemistry/LMU)

Nano Innovation Award for PhD thesis
Stefan Datz, group of Prof. Thomas Bein (LMU)
Peter Röttgermann, group of Prof. Jochaim Rädler (LMU)
Patrick Vogel, group of Prof. Peter Jacob (University of Würzburg)


Awardees 2015

CeNS Innovation Award for master's thesis
Aurora Manzi, group of Prof. Jochen Feldmann (LMU)

CeNS Innovation Award for PhD thesis
Christof Mast, group of Prof. Dieter Braun (LMU)



Selection Process

The selection committee 2018 comprises of five members:
- Dr. Niels Fertig (Nanion Technologies)
- Prof. Achim Hartschuh (LMU/CeNS Board)
- Prof. Ralf Jungmann (LMU/MPI of Biochemistry)
- Prof. Jens Rieger (BASF)
- Prof. Achim Wixforth (Augsburg University)

The selection of the awardees is a two-stage process. Shortlisted candidates will be informed and invited one week before the award ceremony.

Main selection criteria:

  • Innovation quality         
  • Validation of the central idea (existing “proof of principle”)      
  • Application focus of the work and plausibility in terms of current state of technology
  • Central idea is published, patent filed etc.

Shortlisted candidates 2018 - Master's category:

  • Konstantin Ditzel, AG Paulitschke/LMU: Time-dependent drug response in multiparametric viability assay based on lensless microscopy
  • Stefan Ernst, AG Reinhard/TUM: A Planar Scanning Probe Microscope
  • Jan Felber, AG Thorn-Seshold/LMU: Novel hypoxia-selective redox sensors as a cancer diagnostic/prodrug system
  • Ralph Freund, AG Wuttke/LMU: Metal Oxide Precursors Templating Metal-Organic Framework Materials
  • Dominik Rattenbacher, AG Götzinger/MPI Physics of Light Erlangen: Spectroscopic investigation of two molecules coherently coupled via a dielectric nanoguide


Shortlisted candidates 2018 - PhD category:

  • Pirmin Ganter, AG Lotsch/LMU: Tunable Vapor Sensors and Nanostructures based on Oxide and Phosphate Nanosheets
  • Enzo Kopperger, AG Simmel/TUM:Electric Actuation of Nanoscale Robotic Arms
  • Aurora Manzi, AG Feldmann/LMU: Generating multiple excitons with multiple below-band-gap photons for solar applications
  • Katalin Szendrei, AG Lotsch/LMU: 2D Nanosheet Materials as Functional Building Blocks for 1D Photonic Crystal Sensors
  • Klaus Wagenbauer, AG Dietz/TUM: Shape-programmable 3D finite-size assemblies made from shape-complementary DNA components