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Winners of the CeNS Publication Award 2012

Each year, CeNS awards prizes for excellent publications of CeNS members which have been published during the past 12 months. This year, the candidates submitted numerous articles which appeared in high-impact journals between October 16, 2011 and October 15, 2012. With this award, remarkably successful cooperation projects within CeNS as well as outstanding research of an individual research group of CeNS are distinguished.

The winning publications (random order):


Jürgen F. Dienstmaier, Alexander M. Gigler, Andreas J. Goetz, Paul Knochel, Thomas Bein, Andrey Lyapin, Stefan Reichlmaier, Wolfgang M. Heckl, and Markus Lackinger
Synthesis of Well-Ordered COF Monolayers: Surface Growth of Nanocrystalline Precursors vs. Direct On-Surface Polycondensation
ASC Nano 5(12), pp 97379745 (2011)


Andreas Mader, Kathrin Gruber, Riccardo Castelli, Bianca A. Hermann, Peter H. Seeberger, Joachim O. Radler, and Madeleine Leisner
Discrimination of E. coli strains using Glycan Cantilever array sensors
Nano Letters 12(1), pp 420423 (2012)


Anna Melbinger, Louis Reese, and Erwin Frey
Microtubule Length Regulation by Molecular Motors
Physical Review Letters 108(25), pp 258104-258108 (2012)


Susanne Seidel, Christoph J. Wienken, Sandra Geissler, Moran Jerabek-Willemsen, Stefan Duhr, Alwin Reiter, Dirk Trauner, Dieter Braun, and Philipp Baaske
Label-Free Microscale Thermophoresis Discriminates Sites and Affinity of ProteinLigand Binding
Angewandte Chemie 51(42), pp 1065610659 (2012)


Raphael Tautz, Enrico Da Como, Thomas Limmer, Jochen Feldmann, Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf, Elizabeth von Hauff, Vincent Lemaur, David Beljonne, Seyfullah Yilmaz, Ines Dumsch, Sybille Allard, and Ullrich Scherf
Structural Correlations in the generation of polaron pairs in low-bandgap polymers for photovoltaics
Nature Communications 3, 970 (2012)


Volker Schaller, Christoph A. Weber, Benjamin Hammerich, Erwin Frey, and Andreas R. Bausch
Frozen steady states in active systems
PNAS 108(48), pp 19183-19188 (2011)


Mathias Strackharn, Diana A. Pippig, Philipp Meyer, Stefan W. Stahl, and Hermann E. Gaub
Nanoscale Arrangement of Proteins by Single-Molecule Cut-and-Paste
JACS 134(37), pp 1519315196 (2012)


Florian Huth, Alexander Govyadinov, Sergiu Amarie, Wiwat Nuansing, Fritz Keilmann, and Rainer Hillenbrand
Nano-FTIR Absorption Spectroscopy of Molecular Fingerprints at 20 nm Spatial Resolution
Nano Letters 12(8), pp 3973-3978 (2012)


Anna Cattani-Scholz, Kung-Ching Liao, Achyut Bora, Anshuma Pathak, Christian Hundschell, Bert Nickel, Jeffrey Schwartz, Gerhard Abstreiter, and Marc Tornow
Molecular Architecture: Construction of Self-Assembled Organophosphonate Duplexes and Their Electrochemical Characterization
Langmuir 28(20), pp 7889-7896 (2012)


Anton Kuzyk, Robert Schreiber, Zhiyuan Fan, Günther Pardatscher, Eva-Maria Roller, Alexander Högele, Friedrich C. Simmel, Alexander O. Govorov, and Tim Liedl
DNA-based self-assembly of chiral plasmonic nanostructures with tailored optical response
Nature 483, pp 311314 (2012)


Guillermo P. Acuna, Martina Bucher, Ingo H. Stein, Christian Steinhauer, Anton Kuzyk, Phil Holzmeister, Robert Schreiber, Alexander Moroz, Fernando D. Stefani, Tim Liedl, Friedrich C. Simmel, and Philip Tinnefeld
Distance Dependence of Single-Fluorophore Quenching by Gold Nanoparticles Studied on DNA Origami
ACS Nano 6(4), pp 31893195 (2012)


Maximilian J. Berr, Florian F. Schweinberger, Markus Doblinger, Kai E. Sanwald, Christian Wolff, Johannes Breimeier, Andrew S. Crampton, Claron J. Ridge, Martin Tschurl, Ulrich Heiz, Frank Jackel, and Jochen Feldmann
Size-Selected Subnanometer Cluster Catalysts on Semiconductor Nanocrystal Films for Atomic Scale Insight into Photocatalysis
Nano Letters 12(11), pp 59035906 (2012)


G. Granger, D. Taubert, C. E. Young, L. Gaudreau, A. Kam, S. A. Studenikin, P. Zawadzki, D. Harbusch, D. Schuh, W. Wegscheider, Z. R. Wasilewski, A. A. Clerk, S. Ludwig, and A. S. Sachrajda
Quantum interference and phonon-mediated back-action in lateral quantum-dot circuits
Nature Physics 8, pp 522527 (2012)


Z. Fei, A. S. Rodin, G. O. Andreev, W. Bao, A. S. McLeod, M.Wagner, L.M. Zhang, Z. Zhao, M. Thiemens, G. Dominguez, M.M. Fogler, A.H. Castro Neto, C.N. Lau, F. Keilmann, and D. N. Basov
Gate-tuning of graphene plasmons revealed by infrared nano-imaging
Nature 487, pp 8285 (2012)


Frauke Mickler, Leonhard Möckl, Nadia Ruthardt, Manfred Ogris, Ernst Wagner, and Christoph Bräuchle
Tuning nanoparticle uptake: Live-cell imaging reveals two distinct endocytosis mechanisms mediated by natural and artificial EGFR targeting ligand
Nano Letters 12(7), pp 34173423 (2012)


Florian Feil, Sergej Naumov, Jens Michaelis, Rustem Valiullin, Dirk Enke, Jörg Kärger, and Christoph Bräuchle
Single-Particle and Ensemble DiffusivitiesTest of Ergodicity
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 124(5), pp 11781181 (2012)


Timo Lebold, Axel Schlossbauer, Katrin Schneider, Lothar Schermelleh, Heinrich Leonhardt, Thomas Bein, and Christoph Bräuchle
Controlling The Mobility Of Oligonucleotides In The Nanochannels Of Mesoporous Silica
Advanced Functional Material 22(11), pp 106-112 (2012)


Jaekwon Do, Robert Schreiber, Andrey A. Lutich, Tim Liedl, Jessica Rodríguez-Fernández, and Jochen Feldmann
Design and Optical Trapping of a Biocompatible Propeller-like Nanoscale Hybrid
Nano Letters 12(9), pp 5008-5013 (2012)


Daniel Gerster, Joachim Reichert, Hai Bi, Johannes V. Barth, Simone M. Kaniber, Alexander W. Holleitner, Iris Visoly-Fisher, Shlomi Sergani, and Itai Carmeli
Photocurrent of a single photosynthetic protein
Nature Nanotechnology 7, pp 673-676 (2012)


Ilka Kriegel, Chengyang Jiang, Jessica Rodríguez-Fernández, Richard D. Schaller, Dmitri V. Talapin, Enrico da Como, and Jochen Feldmann
Tuning the Excitonic and Plasmonic Properties of Copper Chalcogenide Nanocrystals
JACS 134(3), pp 15831590 (2012)


Thomas Faust, Peter Krenn, Stephan Manus, Jörg P. Kotthaus, and Eva M. Weig
Microwave cavity-enhanced transduction for plug and play nanomechanics at room temperature
Nature Communications 3, 728 (2012)


Melari Davies, Angela Wochnik, Florian Feil, Christophe Jung, Christoph Brauchle, Christina Scheu, and Jens Michaelis
Synchronous Emission from Nanometric Silver Particles through Plasmonic Coupling on Silver Nanowires
ASC Nano 6(7), pp 60496057 (2012)


Johann M. Feckl, Ksenia Fominykh, Markus Döblinger, Dina Fattakhova-Rohlfing, and Thomas Bein
Nanoscale porous framework of lithium titanate for ultrafast lithium insertion
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 51(30), pp 74597463 (2012)