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Labelizer – systematic selection of protein residues for fluorophore labelling

Prof. Thorben Cordes, LMU Biocenter

Project: You have experience in multiparameter fluorescence analysis and FRET-based structural biology and would like to develop systematic approaches for design of biophysical assays? We developed the “Labelizer” (https://labelizer.bio.lmu.de), a systematic bioinformatic tool to identify suitable labelling sites in proteins that can help to guide fluorescence assay design. In the project you are responsible for experimental validation of the labelizer algorithm using comparison of spectroscopic parameters (lifetime, anisotropy, brightness) with the predicted label sites on model proteins and the improvement of the prediction capabilities to achieve (i) optimal labelling efficiencies, (ii) systematic prediction of label sites for a functional assay and (iii) preserve the biochemical function.


Requirements: PhD degree in biophysics, physics, or physical chemistry - We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in experimental biophysics and experience in spectroscopy, microscopy, structural biology and bioinformatics. The selected candidate will receive a prestigious two-year "Humboldt Research Fellowship" via the Henriette-Herz programme, for which no further application to the Humboldt foundation is required. Besides a topical topical fit to the project, the successful candidate is an early career researcher, i.e., has obtained the PhD degree recently, and has published above average. During the project you will be embedded into a vibrant community and other networks including the Center for NanoScience (CeNS).

Position/Salary: Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship (directly awarded) for 2 years - earliest entry date: 01.01.2023

Website: https://www.mikrobiologie.biologie.uni-muenchen.de/forschung/ag_cordes/index.html

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