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Administrative Information

Doctoral candidates will be funded by the individual research groups. Usually, they will be hired by the university. The net wage (after tax and insurance deduction) will cover all your living expenses in Munich. 

Student Fees
To do your PhD you have to be enrolled at the university for at least two semesters. Each semester you have to pay a student fee of 129,40 EUR. The fee includes a basic semester ticket for public transportation in Munich. 

Health Insurance
Health Insurance is obligatory and will automatically be deducted from the wage. We will assist you with finding a suitable health insurance. 

The average rent for a 30sqm apartment in Munich starts at about 600 EUR. A room in a shared flat (WG) also amounts between 500 - 600 EUR minimum.

EU-Nationals do not need a visa. More or less every other national needs a so-called national visa (a tourist visa for the interview, but a national visa in order to work here). Please find the important information Opens external link in new windowhere

Administrative Matters
For administrative matters like residence permit and enrolling at the university we can provide help if needed. 

Working language
During your PhD the working language is English. 

German language course
To make you familiar with the German language and culture you can attend a German course at the LMU. 

A large variety of workshops, courses etc. will be offered during the PhD.

After successfully finishing your PhD, you will be holding the title Dr. rer. nat.