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Bridging the Gap: Nano Meets Quantum

CeNS/MCQST Workshop

Venice International University, San Servolo (Italy)
September 19 - 22, 2022


This workshop brings together young researchers of the Center for NanoScience (CeNS) and the Opens external link in new windowMunich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST) with experienced scientists from the fields of physics and chemistry. The talks of the workshop are intended to give the graduate students and post-doctoral researchers of CeNS and MCQST an overview of current research topics on nanometer-scale and quantum science.

Under the workshop title "Bridging the Gap: Nano meets Quantum", renowned scientists from all over the world will convene on the beautiful island of San Servolo to exchange ideas and to discuss their latest research progress.


The workshop takes place at the Opens external link in new windowVenice International University (VIU) located on the small island "San Servolo". The island is connected to the historic center of Venice by boat No. 20. The boat ride takes 10 minutes.

Program Committee

The program committee is composed of the following CeNS and MCQST members:

Prof. Thorben Cordes, LMU/CeNS
Prof. Emiliano Cortés, LMU/CeNS
Prof. Jonathan Finley, TUM/MCQST
Prof. Hans-Gregor Hübl, TUM/MCQST
Prof. Ulrich Schollwöck, LMU/CeNS/MCQST
Prof. Joachim Rädler, LMU/CeNS


The workshop will start on Monday, September 19 at 9.00 am and will end on Thursday, September 22 at 6.45 pm and will combine invited talks and poster presentations.

A conference App will be available to all participants and speakers, including schedule, abstracts for talks and posters, list of participants, and general information.

The talks will be live-streamed via Zoom and made available to the CeNS and MCQST community.

Confirmed Speakers

Mete Atatüre, University of Cambridge
Aisha Aqeel, TU Munich
Stefanie Barz, Stuttgart University
Victor Bittencourt, MPI for the Science of Light
Tobias Boolakee
, FAU Erlangen
Dominik Bucher, TU Munich
Peng Chen, Cornell University
Dmitri Efetov, LMU Munich
Paolo Fornasiero, University of Trieste, Italy
Julian Heckötter, TU Dortmund
Rainer Hillenbrand, CIC nanoGUNE
Johannes Hohlbein, Wageningen University
Alexander Holleitner, TU München
Mahdavi Krishnan, University of Oxford
Eitan Lerner, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Suljo Linic, University of Michigan
Anja Metelmann, KIT
Jonathan Noé, LMU Munich/Qlibri
Simon Scheuring, Cornell University
Nadine Schwierz, Augsburg University
Carsten Sönnichsen, Universität Mainz
Dimitrios Stamou, University of Copenhagen
Gary Steele, TU Delft
Johannes Stigler, LMU Munich
Helmut Strey, Stony Brook University
Toeno van der Sar
, TU Delft
Richard Warburton, University of Basel

Workshop Venue

Venice International University
Isola di San Servolo
30100 Venice, Italy

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.univiu.org/

Phone +39-041-2719511  
Fax +39-041-2719510

Workshop Organization

Opens window for sending emailDr. Susanne Hennig  (CeNS)
Opens window for sending emailDr. Tatjana Wilk (MCQST)

Center for NanoScience (CeNS) and Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST)
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D-80539 München

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