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Science Rocks!

In this biweekly seminar, PhD students of CeNS and of the Faculty of Physics present their current research to their peer students followed by scientific discussions in an informal atmosphere.

Science Rocks! takes place every second Thursday at 17:45 in the seminar room N110 of the LMU physics building (Rädler chair). All graduate students of CeNS and the Faculties of Physics and Chemistry are invited to attend and to listen to the speakers who present fascinating aspects of their doctoral research. After the talk, there is time for scientific discussions and further exchange to strengthen the network of PhD students of CeNS. The initiators of Science Rocks! are Prof. Tim Liedl and Prof. Alex Högele.

The PhD students Opens window for sending emailArthur Ermatov (AG Rädler), Isabella Graf (AG Frey) and Opens window for sending emailFelix Zierhut (AG Veigel) are responsible for the organization of the event. You can contact them if you have questions about the event or if you would like to give a talk in the upcoming semester!

Science Rocks! is kindly supported by d-fine.

Date Speaker Location

Felix Kempf (AG Frey)
The Earthworm Escape Problem: How to evade the masses and reach the sky

Seminarraum N110


Jonathan Förste (AG Högele)
A brief history of freezing - how to hack the laws of thermodynamics

Seminarraum N110


Silke Bergeler (AG Frey)
In the right place at the right time: Positioning mechanisms in bacterial cells

Seminarraum N110


Dr. Amelie Heuer-Jungemann (AG Liedl)
"Fossilizing" DNA Origami

Seminarraum N110


Christian Gebhardt (AG Cordes)
Watching Proteins Dancing - how to observe dynamics of single molecules

Seminarraum N110