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SPIDER & Scipion Workshop: Image-processing of electron micrographs

Date & Time: November 3-4, 2016, 10:00-18:00

Workshop - CIP-Pool, Schellingstr. 4, ground floor (U3/U6 Universität)
Talks - seminar room HU123 (Schellingstr. 4, basement floor) and lecture hall N020 (LMU main building)


Workshop Outline

In this workshop you will be introduced to single particle techniques for EM and learn about advanced applications of the image processing softwares SPIDER and Scipion. Each day will start with talks by guest speakers about their research in the field of electron microscopy. The following hands-on-workshops will give you the opportunity to practice and apply different software packages for single particle analysis. We will cover topics such as alignment of direct-detector frames, defocus estimation, particle-picking, initial-volume reconstruction and 2D/3D classification. On day 1 of the workshop you will learn and practice the usage of the image processing suite SPIDER. Day 2 will cover the framework Scipion, which integrates several software packages for image processing and their workflows, such as XMIPP, SPIDER, EMAN2, RELION, CTFFIND4.



Thursday, November 3    10:00-12:00



Dr. Daniel Wilson, LMU Genecenter
Coping with Stress (on the Bacterial Ribosome)

Prof. Rasmus Schröder, Heidelberg University

Hybrid electron microscopy: The myosin power stroke as case study

Schellingstr. 4

Thursday, November 3

SPIDER Practical
Dr. Tanvir Shaikh, CEITEC/Brno     

Schellingstr. 4

Friday, November 4

Prof. Jürgen Plitzko, MPI of Biochemistry
title tba

Kleiner Physikhörsaal N020,
LMU Main Building

Friday, November 4

Scipion Practical
Jose Miguel de la Rosa Trevin, National Center for Biotechnology, CSIC, Madrid        

Schellingstr. 4


Additional instructors in the practicals: Hana Nedozrálová, Martin Polak, and Sudhir Kumar Pal.


Registration deadline: October 31.
There is no participation fee. The practicals are restricted to a maximum number of 30 participants. You can register for this workshop by sending an e-mail to Opens window for sending emailSusanne Hennig.

Please provide the following information:

1) General information
- prior experience with EM
- institution & supervisor

2) In which part of the event are you interested?
- talks + practicals
- only talks
- only practicals

For further questions, please contact Opens window for sending emailDario Saczko-Brack.