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Online workshop Fast Forward Project Management for Scientists

Fast Forward teaches agile project management to researchers in a new way building on corporate learning approaches. A ususal project management workshop is a great way to get an overview of the principles of project management. It’s really after the workshop when the work starts when you have to implement what you learned and apply the principles to your own projects. In our experience this is where people struggle and the questions come up. This is why we designed Fast Forward as an implementation program, i.e. it does not only teach you the principles (just like in a 2-day workshop), but also guides you step-by-step through the implementation. In addition, the weekly Q&A Coaching Sessions and The Seminar Room (​the Fast Forward ​private ​community for participants) are great resources for you to get all your questions answered and learn from the other members.
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Date: April 19 - June 4.
The program runs for 7 consecutive weeks, during which new content is sent to you every week. ​Each module has several videos that allow you to go through the content bit by bit and in your own time. In addition, there are the weekly Live Q&A Coaching Sessions via video conference and the time needed to fill the templates and complete the workbooks. It really depends on the complexity of your project, but most of our past participants spent between 3-4 hours each week to work through the content and apply them in their projects. While the program takes 7 weeks to complete, you will have access to the content for 4 full months.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Setting a vision for your project and SMART goals
  • Creating a project charter, defining the scope, the stakeholders and the communication with them
  • Building a work-breakdown-structure, defining work packages, estimation of effort by relative sizing
  • Using an agile project management approach with iterative cycles, working in sprints (preparation, visualization, planning, conducting and revising the sprint)
  • Planning a productive day, prioritizing tasks, using time-boxing

We will have a virtual Kickoff together on Day 1 of the program, so that you’re off to a great start and have a chance to get to know the other participants. The course materials are shared as video content, templates and course workbooks inside the member area. During the weekly Live Q&A Coaching Sessions and inside The Seminar Room (​the Fast Forward ​private ​community for participants) you can get your questions answered and learn from the other participants.

Info Session:
We highly recommend to attend the online info session on April 6 at 2:00 pm to find out about the course structure, length, and the time it will require to follow the course. To get the Zoom details, please contact Opens window for sending emailSusanne Hennig.

The workshop is open to CeNS associates and SFB1032 graduate students. Please register Opens external link in new windowhere by April 5.