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Summer School NanoBioTechnology and Management

3rd - 6th October 2005 Evangelische Akademie Tutzing

Palace of Tutzing

Teams of science and management students participate actively in a 3,5-day workshop in order to gain better understanding of the linkage between nanotechnology and management. Challenges and opportunities of NanoSciences will be the topic of key lectures given by scientists and top management. Classroom interactions and hands-on experience focus on entrepreneurial skills in starting and running technology-based start-up ventures. The workshop examines emerging markets, intellectual property issues and outline business plans on case studies. In addition it is
planned to discuss the global entrepreneurial situations, risk and ethical
issues associated with nanotechnology.


Program Team

Joachim Radler, Christoph Brauchle and Dietmar Harhoff Supported by CeNS and ODEON


Workshop organisation

Dr. Eva-M. Natzer
Center for NanoScience (CeNS)
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