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Seminar on International Publishing

Karine van Wetering, Editor Condensed Matter Physics, Elsevier
Arthur Eger, Elsevier

This event is fully booked!

Time: 13:30- 15:00 

Venue: Kleiner Physikh├Ârsaal N220, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, LMU M├╝nchen

Nowadays, (potential) authors are facing rejection rates of 40-90% of all manuscripts submitted to international journals, which makes it hard to get one's paper published. During this presentation, the audience will gain insights in the way publishers, editors and reviewers look at their manuscripts, which may help to better submit papers. The lecture will cover those aspects, relevant when preparing and submitting a manuscript for a scientific journal e.g. originality, Hot Topics, format of the article, selection of the journal, language, building blocks, ethical and copyright issues.