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In accordance with the Opens external link in new windowLMU Environmental Guidelines, CeNS wants to make an active contribution to sustainable development in research, training and technology transfer.

Research for energy conversion / renewable energy
Numerous members of CeNS are actively involved in the excellence cluster e-conversion, investigating the fundamental processes for converting renewable energy into those forms that cover our energy needs.

„Solar Technologies go Hybrid“ - SolTech - is an interdisciplinary project initiated by the government of Bavaria to explore innovative concepts for converting solar energy into electricity and non-fossil fuels. SolTech complements research by chemists and physicists at five different Bavarian Universities, among them ten members of CeNS.

Greener labs
CeNS actively supports CeNS labs on their way to becoming more sustainable. For this, we are developing a concept for defining and implementing sustainability goals and a green lab certification process with external partners. In addition, we encourage exchange between labs on best practice examples for greener labs.

Greener events
At all CeNS events, we consider sustainability in terms of travel, catering, recycling, energy and materials, e.g.:

  • train travel where possible and CO2 compensation for all business trips
  • avoiding single-use materials as well as printed conference and workshop materials
  • local caterers, reduction of waste, promotion of  vegetarian/vegan catering options

Our training initiatives are designed to equip the next generation of scientists with the knowledge and skills needed to address global sustainability challenges.