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Spin-Off Companies founded by CeNS Members

Atom-precise positioners

Attocube Systems constructs novel microscopes for cutting-edge research in the field of nanotechnology. Their tiny motors work at very low temperatures and strong magnetic fields.

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.attocube.de

Click Chemistry

Baseclick develops innovative solutions for life sciences: click chemistry for sensitive and modular labeling of nucleic acids.

Opens external link in new windowwww.baseclick.eu

Fluorescent nanoprobes

ChromoTek is developing versatile lab tools for proteome research (nanotraps) and fluorescent nanoprobes called Chromobodies® to target and trace antigens in living cells.

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.chromotek.com

Platform technologies for therapeutics

Ethris develops therapeutics based on two proprietary platform technologies which enable therapies for diseases with currently dissatisfying treatment options.

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.ethris.com

Technology for super-resolution microscopy

Gattaquant is a market pioneer in building nanoscaled standards for microscopy.  The company features innovative solutions for the calibration, particle tracking or quantitative determination of point spread functions of super-resolution microscopes.

Ultra fast DNA detection

GNA Biosolutions has developed novel technologies for ultra fast DNA diagnostics, based on laser heated gold nanoparticles (Laser PCR and NANOSTOVE).

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.gna-bio.com

Observing cells lifelike

Ibidi develops products for the cell analytics for research at universities and for the pharmaceutical industry. This technology allows a realistic simulation of the cell environment under natural conditions, making medical tests comparable with processes in living organisms.

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.ibidi.de

Super-resolution microscopy supercharged with DNA

Massives Photonics uses short, dye-labeled DNA strands that transiently bind to their complements, conjugated to affinity reagents for protein detection. The resulting target "blinking" yields high-resolution images.

Opens external link in new windowhttps://www.massive-photonics.com/


PHIO builds fully automatic, super compact microscopes combined with an cutting-edge AI analysis platform to improve the quality and data output of cell culture experiments.


Faster drug analysis

Nanion Technologies produces analytic instruments which speed up the current measurement of ion channels in cell membranes. With these instruments the functionality of potential medicines can be tested much faster.

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.nanion.de

Ultra rapid biomolecule analysis

NanoTemper Technologies develops rapid measuring systems for the optical characterization of biomolecules.

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.nanotemper-technologies.com/

Opens external link in new windowNanoTemper Movie

Ultrasharp probes

Nanotools develops extremely sharp tools for so-called scanning probe microscopes which are essential for nanotechnological research and for the quality control in the chip industry.

Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.nano-tools.com

Where infrared imaging & spectroscopy meets AFM

Neaspec markets novel optical AFM microscopes for cutting-edge nanoscience. The patented technique allows 1000x times higher spatial resolution in infrared imaging & spectroscopy to determine materials or even conductance and electric fields.

 Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.neaspec.com