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Monday, 07 May, 2012

Crooks Relation in Optical Spectra: Universality in Work Distributions for Weak Local Quenches

M. Heyl, and S. Kehrein -
Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol. 108 (19), 190601 (2012)

We show that work distributions and nonequilibrium work fluctuation theorems can be measured in optical spectra for a wide class of quantum systems. We consider systems where the absorption or emission of a photon corresponds to the sudden switch on or off of a local perturbation. For the particular case of a weak local perturbation, the Crooks relation establishes a universal relation in absorption as well as in emission spectra. Because of a direct relation between the spectra and work distribution functions this is equivalent to universal relations in work distributions for weak local quenches. As two concrete examples we treat the x-ray edge problem and the Kondo exciton.


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