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Nano Innovation Award

The Nano Innovation Award is awarded annually by the Center for NanoScience together with the CeNS spin-offs attocube systems, ibidi, Nanion Technologies, and NanoTemper Technologies, to honor junior researchers for excellent research in the nanosciences. Research projects with a potential for industrial applications are especially welcome.

The prize is awarded in two categories:
1. For an outstanding master's thesis in the field of nanosciences/nanotechnology
2. For an outstanding PhD thesis in the field of nanosciences/nanotechnology

The prize money is donated by the CeNS spin-offs attocube systems, ibidi, Nanion Technologies and NanoTemper Technologies.

Prize money:
€3,000 in the category "Master's thesis" and
€6,000 in the category "PhD thesis".

In addition, the awardees will be invited to present their results at the CeNS workshop in Venice.

Selection Process

The selection committee 2017 comprises of five members:
- Prof. Alexander Holleitner, TUM
- Prof. Christoph Kutter, Fraunhofer-Einrichtung für Mikrosysteme und Festkörper-Technologien EMFT
- Prof. Don Lamb, LMU
- Prof. Claudia Veigel, LMU/CeNS board
- Dr. Roman Zantl, ibidi

The selection of the awardees is a two-stage process. Shortlisted candidates will be informed one week before the award ceremony.

Award Ceremony

The award ceremony will take place at the event “CeNS meets Industry” on July 21, 2017 at 5.30 pm in the Kleiner Physikhörsaal N020, LMU Munich.

Awardees 2015

CeNS Innovation Award for master's thesis
Aurora Manzi, group of Prof. Jochen Feldmann (LMU)

CeNS Innovation Award for PhD thesis
Christof Mast, group of Prof. Dieter Braun (LMU)