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Tuesday, 26 May, 2009


Prof. Bettina Lotsch joins CeNS as Ordinary Member

Between 1997 and 2002 Bettina Lotsch studied Chemistry at the LMU Munich and University of Oxford and received her PhD from the LMU Munich in 2006 with a thesis entitled From Molecular Building Blocks to Condensed Carbon Nitride Networks: Structure and Reactivity. 2007/2008 she joined the group of Professor Geoffrey Ozin at the University of Toronto as a Feodor-Lynen postdoctoral research fellow. There she explored the integration of chemically functional materials with photonic crystals for the design of label-free chemooptical sensors. Later in 2008, Bettina Lotsch was offered the W2 tenure track position Synthetic Chemistry Functional Nanostructures, which is jointly funded by the LMU excellence initiatives LMUinnovativ (FuNS) and LMUexzellent (NIM). Since February 2009 she is back at her alma mater, her research interests spanning the border areas between materials chemistry, solid state chemistry, and nanochemistry. Her future research will focus on the synthesis of functional porous framework materials as well as the utilization of colloidal chemistry approaches to design nanostructures thereof, including stimuli-responsive photonic crystals. Other research interests include the development of scalable routes toward 2-dimensional systems, such as graphene and titanate nanosheets, which show promise in energy storage and conversion.

Website: www.cup.uni-muenchen.de/dept/ch/ac/lotsch.php