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Junior Nanotech Network (JNN)

A Self-Organized PhD Students Exchange Program

"Nanostructures & Biophysics: Material Science on the Supramolecular Scale"
Wolfgang Hillen Summer School 2015 - High-Tech for Students from Bavaria and California

JNN 2015 with University of California Santa Barbara

Part I (California): May 4-22, 2015
Part II (Bavaria): September 14 - October 2, 2015

Scope of the Program:

The aim of the Junior Nanotech Network (JNN) is to exchange knowledge of world class nanoscience and nanobioscience between graduate students from different institutions worldwide. The JNN project takes advantage of local expertise and facilities and aims at initiating scientific and personal exchange between junior nano-researchers in Germany and partner institutions abroad, linking the research efforts in the field of nanoscience of the two universities and fostering the interaction between the partnering countries. The 20 participants at each exchange are preselected based on excellence and compatibility of the proposed projects. 

The scientific program involves two main elements:

  • 1 week of high-class lectures on nano(bio)sciences
  • 2 weeks of hands-on experimental training supervised by the host peers

In addition to the scientific program, the JNN offers to the participants plenty of time for discussions with the research partners and a sound cultural immersion into the local (scientific) community of the hosting country. 


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