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SFB 1032 Blockseminar

10 am Francisco Balzarotti
Molecular Resolution in Optical Nanoscopy: Breaking the Information Barrier

10.40 am Amelie Heuer-Jungemann
DNA Origami-Silica Hybrid Nanostructures: Novel Nanoagents for Biomedicine and Biocatalysis

11.30 am Cornelia Monzel
Uncovering Subcellular Architecture and Cellular Signaling with Nanoparticles

2.00 pm Kinneret Keren
Dynamics and instabilities in contracting actin networks

2.50 pm Florian Praetorius
De novo Design of Dynamic Proteins

3.20 pm Nikolas Hundt
Mass photometry - a novel tool to study biomolecular assembly

Please register with marilena.pinto@physik.uni-muenchen.de

Tuesday, 03.12.19

Location: IBZ M├╝nchen

Amalienstra├če 38