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Seminar Announcements

Friday, 24.10.14 / 09:00 h - 10:00 h


Solid State Theory Seminar

Seminarraum B 046

Theresienstr. 39

Luca Tagliacozzo, Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona

Tensor network methods for lattice gauge theories

Friday, 24.10.14 / 15:30 h - 16:30 h


CeNS Colloquium

Kleiner Physik-Hörsaal, Fakultät für Physik

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1

Joint colloquium with SFB1032
Dr. Ludovic Jullien, Laboratoire P.A.S.T.E.U.R., ENS/CNRS/UMPC, Paris
Light and slavery: driving (photo) chemical dynamics for selective imaging and energy conversion in chemical networks