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From macro- to nano- flows, and vice-versa

Lydéric Bocquet,
University of Lyon and TUM, Munich


The properties of fluids dynamics in extremely small systems and in the vicinity of interfaces have been discussed from the very beginning of hydrodynamics, but now occupy an increasingly  important place in contemporary science and technology. One may cite many examples :  miniaturized fluidic systems to develop lab-on-a-chip devices; fluid dynamics in biological systems and the locomotion at small Reynolds number; lubrication flows; nanofluidics and  flows in nanopores and around nanotubes; etc.In this talk, I'll review theoretical and experimental efforts performed over the recent years in our group to characterize and understand the fluid dynamics at solid interfaces, from the nano- to the macro-scales. I will focus in particular on the following aspects  :  (i) a colloidal probe approach to adress the nano-hydrodynamics of liquids at  solid interfaces; (ii) the dynamics and ultra-low friction of liquids at superhydrophobic surfaces, made of carbon nanotube forests; (iii) splashes of high velocity solid bodies.


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P. Joseph, C. Cottin, J.-M. Benoit, C. Ybert, C. Journet, P. Tabeling, L. Bocquet:
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C. Duez, C. Ybert, C. Clanet, L. Bocquet:
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