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Selected publications 2012

Quantitative Analysis of the Nanopore Translocation Dynamics of Simple Structured Polynucleotides

S. Schink, S. Renner, K. Alim, V. Arnaut, F. C. Simmel, and U. Gerland - Biophysical Journal, Vol. 102 (1), pp. 85-95 (2012) more …

Optically Trapped Gold Nanoparticle Enables Listening at the Microscale

A. Ohlinger, A. Deak, A. A. Lutich, and J. Feldmann - Phys. Rev. Lett., Vol. 108 (1), 018101 (2012) more …

Heat shock protein 90s mechanochemical cycle is dominated by thermal fluctuations

C. Ratzke, F. Berkemeier, and T. Hugel - PNAS, Vol. 109 (1), pp. 161-166 (2012) more …