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Selected publications 2011

Substrate discrimination of the chaperone BiP by autonomous and cochaperone-regulated conformational transitions

M. Marcinowski, M. Höller, M. J. Feige, D. Baerend, D. C. Lamb, and J. Buchner - Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, doi:10.1038/nsmb.1970 (2011) more …

Visualization of the self-assembly of silica nanochannels reveals growth mechanism

C. Jung, P. Schwaderer, M. Dethlefsen, R. Köhn, J. Michaelis, and C. Bräuchle - Nature Nanotech., Vol. 6 (2), pp. 86-91 (2011) more …

Slow dynamics and internal stress relaxation in bundled cytoskeletal networks

O. Lieleg, J. Kayser, G. Brambilla, L. Cipelletti, and A. R. Bausch - Nature Materials, Vol. 10, pp. 236242 (2011) more …