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CeNS Young Investigator Fund

To promote the scientific independence of postdoctoral researchers, CeNS is launching up to four EUR 10,000 research grants. With the CeNS Young Investigator Fund, outstanding postdoctoral researchers at CeNS/LMU will be supported. Candidates have to be nominated by their PI, nominations of female researchers are especially encouraged.

The awardees will be selected by the CeNS board according to the following criteria:

  • innovative and creative nature of the candidate's work
  • interdisciplinary character of the candidate's work
  • potential shown by the candidate as a future leader in nanoscience

Who can nominate? 
LMU CeNS members can nominate postdoctoral researchers working in their group.

Submission guideline:
Nomination letters (maximum two pages) should be sent to Susanne Hennig.

Application deadline 2021:
October 15

Awardees 2021

Dr. Viktorija Glembockyte, AG Tinnefeld

Dr. Martin Reynders, AG Thorn-Seshold (split prize with Ana Sousa Castillo)

Dr. Jenny Schneider, AG Bein

Dr. Ana Sousa Castillo, AG Cortés (split prize with Martin Reynders)

Dr. Juan Wang, AG Tittl