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PhD position "Charge transport in novel organic or low-dimensional semiconductors”

In case you are interested in working with novel materials, charge transport, combination of charge transport and optics, as well as quantum transport in magnetic fields: talk to us!

Project: We are interested in the transport properties of novel materials with a focus on organic semiconductors for use e.g. in energy conversion processes [1], two-dimensional van-der-Waals materials such as graphene [2] and transition metal dichalcogenides [3]. Our methods are charge transport investigations at different temperatures (down to 20 mK) and in magnetic fields. Our samples are partially prepared in a state-of-the-art clean room.In the planned thesis you will explore charge transport of novel organic or two dimensional van-der-Waals materials. Since the mobility of charge carriers in such films is frequently dominated by interaction of charge carriers with the underlying dielectric, you will suspend the semiconductors between two metal contacts so that they can be investigated without a solid dielectric. We furthermore aim to join optical spectroscopy and charge transport so that depending on your interest and background for part of the thesis you will assemble a new optoelectronic setup.

Requirements: We are looking highly motivated candidates with a background in physics. Previous experience with solid state physics, quantum-transport, and organic electronics would be advantageous but not a must. 

Prof. Weitz' webpage: http://www.nanosys.physik.lmu.de/index.html

Further information:
[1]: R.T. Weitz et al. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130, (2008) 4637
[2]: R.T. Weitz et al. Science 330, (2010) 812
[3]: I. Vladimirov et al. PSS A 212 (2015) 2059