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Synthetic Organic Chemistry: Short-term Scholarship

Project:  This project explores the synthesis of light-isomerisable stilbenoid diacylglycerols (SB-DAGs) and diacylglycerol-phosphocholines (SB-DOPCs). The compounds should insert into cell membranes, where illumination should allow them to alter lipid bilayer membrane tension as well as affect membrane-bound receptors and channels, as has been shown for e.g. azobenzene-containing DAGs that could modulate ion currents through TRP channels. We now wish to explore approaches to compounds with superior isomerization properties, to achieve more robust and repeatable control over lipid constituents.

Requirements: A specialisation in synthetic organic chemistry, with a strong general record in chemistry, is required.

Earliest entry date: June 1st 2019.
Subject to funding and lab planning, It may later be possible to extend the position to a PhD position.

Group: Dr. Oliver Thorn-Seshold, Chemistry & Pharmacy, LMU Munich

Website: http://thornseshold.cup.uni-muenchen.de