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PhD position: Unraveling the Mechano-Regulation of Von Willebrand Factor

Von Willebrand Factor (VWF) is a complex vascular glycoprotein crucially involved in primary and secondary hemostasis. Mutations in VWF cause von Willebrand disease, the most common hereditary bleeding disorder, and other clinical pathologies. VWF senses hydrodynamic forces in the bloodstream and responds to elevated forces with abrupt elongation, thereby increasing its adhesiveness to platelets and collagen. In an German Research Foundation (DFG) project, we use single molecule techniques (magnetic tweezers and AFM force spectroscopy and AFM imaging) and structural biology approaches (X-ray crystallography and SAXS) to understand the mechano-regulation of VWF from a dynamic and structural point of view.

Requirements: Highly motivated candidates with a master's degree (or equivalent) in physics, chemistry, or molecular biology are invited to apply. The successful candidate will use single-molecule massively parallel magnetic tweezers and AFM force spectroscopy to study the mechano-regulation of VWF. He or she will be embedded in the Center for NanoScience graduate program.

The contract will initially be for 3 years with the possibility for further extension. Salary is in accordance with the German public service salary scale 75% TV-L 13.