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Effective Visual Communication of Science

11.-12.04.2022 (Monday-Tuesday)

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Aim: You will learn to effectively communicate your own scientific ideas and results by applying best visual communication practices to your research communication. We will apply this knowledge to improve your scientific images, slides, and posters. You will design a graphical abstract and get actionable advice and feedback on your own pre-submitted materials. It is an immersive online workshop, structured, easy to follow, memorable, useful and fun.

Takeaway: You will get feedback on a selection of your figures, slides and posters submitted ahead of the webinar. In an exercise, you will draw a sketch of your research (a graphical abstract) and discuss it with other participants.


DAY 1 (9:00 am – 4:30 pm with a long lunch break and many short breaks)

·       Communicating with scientific vs non-scientific audiences

·       Visual perception and what humans find intuitive

·       Layout: a global structure that simplifies comprehension

·       Eye-flow: effortlessly guide the audience through the design

·       Colors: how to amplify, not ‘fancify’

·       Feedback and discussion on your pre-submitted figures

·       Graphical abstract drawing exercise & group work: draw a sketch of your research and get feedback from peer scientists and the facilitator

DAY 2 (9:00 am – 1:30 pm with many short breaks)

·       Slides that amplify your messages when presenting

·       Feedback and discussion on your pre-submitted slides

·       Posters: strategy and process for creating posters that attract and explain

·       Feedback and discussion on your posters


Trainer: Dr. Jernej Zupanc, Founder of Seyens Ltd. Jernej's goal is to help scientists effectively communicate their ideas and results and make an impact with their research. Communication is his professional passion. He holds a PhD (2011) and was a PostDoc in computer science, is a Fulbright alumnus and a published photographer. He worked as Head of computer vision at a startup, as a project evaluator for the European Commission and as a grant writer.

Register Opens external link in new windowhere by March 25 (first come, first serve).

Co-organized with Opens external link in new windowSFB1032.