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CeNS Colloquium

Date: 11.02.2022, Time: 15:30h

Bottom up approaches to synthetic cellularity

Dr. Dora Tang, MPI for Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics Dresden

Biology is well equipped in exploiting a large number of out of equilibrium processes to support life. A complete understanding of these mechanisms is still in its infancy due to the complexity and number of the individual components involved in the reactions. However, a bottom up approach allows us to replicate key biological processes using a small number of basic building blocks. Moreover, this methodology has the added advantage that properties and characteristics of the artificial cell can be readily tuned and adapted. Here, I will present strategies for the design and synthesis of artificial cells based on hydrophobic effects such as lipid vesicles and proteinosomes and liquid-liquid phase separation of oppositely charged components (coacervates) and describe how these compartments may be used as platforms for implementing dynamic biological behaviours including: intercellular communication or autocatalysis.

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