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CeNS Band "UnCeNSiert"


The CeNS-NIM band "unCeNSiert" consists of researchers of CeNS and students from the LMU physics department who play music in New Orleans, Klezmer and Bavarian style since 2008. In addition to other gigs, the band animates events of CeNS and NIM such as the annual Awarding Ceremony of the CeNS Publication award, where the talented musicians created a perfect atmosphere for the lively event.


For bookings and joining in please contact:
Martin Benoit (Tel.: 089-2180 3133).


Some impressions from previous gigs:

CeNS summer party, July 2017
"Responsible Research", BMC Martinsried 2017
CeNS come-together party, November 2014
CeNS summer party, July 2014
CeNS workshop Venice, 2012
CeNS summer party, July 2008