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nanoRoadshow: CO2 capture and energy needs

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Climate change poses a fundamental threat to people‚Äôs livelihoods. In order to stop climate change, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, like carbon dioxide, has to be reduced drastically. Besides CO2 capture, smart approaches to energy capture are of great interest as well. In both cases, adsorption processes can be applied successfully. In these processes, solid adsorbents such as zeolites and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are used. Hence, a fundamental understanding of the sorption properties of solid adsorbents in the dry and humid environment plays an important role in developing systems.  In addition, it is vital to consider heat released by the adsorption process because it will influence the overall process regarding the energy cost which is required to control a column temperature and the cost of energy for adsorbents regeneration.

Join us as our experts explain promising approaches to CO2 capture from their individual perspectives in research and device development.

With experts Prof. Daryl Williams (Professor of Particle Science, Imperial College London) and Dr. Vladimir Martis (Surface Measurement Systems Ltd.)

Friday, 20.05.22

11:00 h - 12:00 h