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Wednesday, 11 September, 2013

Two-Color Laser Printing of Individual Gold Nanorods

J. Do, M. Fedoruk, F. Jäckel, and J. Feldmann -
Nano Lett., Vol. 13 (9), pp 4164-4168 (2013)

We report on the deposition of individual gold nanorods from an optical trap using two different laser wavelengths. Laser light, not being resonant to the plasmon resonances of the nanorods, is used for stable trapping and in situ alignment of individual nanorods. Laser light, being resonant to the transversal mode of the nanorods, is used for depositing nanorods at desired locations. The power and polarization dependence of the process is investigated and discussed in terms of force balances between gradient and scattering forces, plasmonic heating, and rotational diffusion of the nanorods. This two-color approach enables faster printing than its one-color equivalent and provides control over the angular orientation (±16°) and location of the deposited nanorods at the single-nanorod level.


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