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Saturday, 26 January, 2008

Gold NanoStoves for Microsecond DNA Melting Analysis

J. Stehr, C. Hrelescu, R.A. Sperling, G. Raschke, M. Wunderlich, A. Nichtl, D. Heindl, K. K├╝rzinger, W.J. Parak, T.A. Klar, and J. Feldmann -
Nano Lett. 10.1021 (2008)

In traditional DNA melting assays, the temperature of the DNA-containing solution is slowly ramped up. In contrast, we use 300 ns laser pulses to rapidly heat DNA bound gold nanoparticle aggregates. We show that double-stranded DNA melts on a microsecond time scale that leads to a disintegration of the gold nanoparticle aggregates on a millisecond time scale. A perfectly matching and a point-mutated DNA sequence can be clearly distinguished in less than one millisecond even in a 1:1 mixture of both targets.


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