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Thursday, 08 December, 2011

Capturing Ultrasmall EMT Zeolite from Template-Free Systems

E. Ng, D. Chateigner, T. Bein, V. Valtchev, and S. Mintova -
Science online, doi: 10.1126/science.1214798, published online: 8 Dezember 2011

Small differences between the lattice energies of different zeolites suggest that kinetic factors are of major importance in controlling zeolite nucleation. Thus, it is of critical importance to control the nucleation kinetics in order to obtain a desired microporous material. Here, we demonstrate how careful investigation of the very early stages of zeolite crystallization in colloidal systems can provide access to important nanoscale zeolite phases while avoiding the use of expensive organic templates. We report the effective synthesis of ultrasmall (6 to 15 nanometer) crystals of the large-pore zeolite EMT from template-free colloidal precursors at low temperature (30°C) and very high yield.


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