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Selected publications 2010

Resolving Single-Molecule Assembled Patterns with Superresolution Blink-Microscopy

T. Cordes, M. Strackharn, S. W. Stahl, W. Summerer, C. Steinhauer, C. Forthmann, E. M. Puchner, J. Vogelsang, H. E. Gaub and P. Tinnefeld - Nano Lett., 10 (2), pp 645651 ( 2010) more …

Controlled surface-induced flows from the motion of self-assembled colloidal walkers

C. E. Sing, L. Schmid, M. F. Schneider, T. Franke and A. Alexander-Katz - PNAS Vol. 107 No. 2 535-540 (2010)

 more …