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attocube Research Award

The attocube Research Award honours outstanding, highly motivated students of CeNS and/or WSI/ZNN who performed excellent research in the framework of a Master's or PhD thesis showing strong innovative ideas and pointing at potential industrial applications. The 2009 established prize is awarded annually by the CeNS spin-off company attocube systems AG.

Two prizes are awarded annually:

  • 2.500 Euro for completed Master's Thesis

  • 5.000 Euro for completed PhD Thesis

In addition to the prize for the applicant, the supervising laboratory of the PhD student receives twice this prize money: 10.000 Euro for supervision of PhD Thesis.

The awardees will be invited to present their research at the CeNS workshop "Nanosciences: Great Adventures on Small Scales" in San Servolo/Venice (16-20 September 2013).


Who can participate? 
Master's and PhD students who performed their thesis under the supervision of a CeNS or WSI member and finished their Master's or PhD Thesis between June 16, 2012 and June 15, 2013 (date of certificate). Candidates should be proposed for the award by a member of CeNS or WSI/ZNN.


Submission guideline
Students who have been suggested should send the following documents to the CeNS office

  • Short letter of support by the thesis supervisor 

  • Curriculum Vitae of the student (incl. Bachelor's/Master's/PhD certificates) 

  • List of Publications (if available) 

  • Short summary of the thesis (text max. 1 page) 

  • Explanation of the potential applications of (part of) the research work for industry and/or description of the innovative character of the work 

Applications have to be submitted to hennig@cens.de by June 17, 2013


The jury is composed of three professors of CeNS and a representative from attocube systems: 

  • Dieter Braun (Biophysics, CeNS/LMU Munich)
  • Jörg Kotthaus (Solid State Physics, CeNS/LMU Munich)
  • Khaled Karrai (Scientific Director, attocube systems)
  • Christoph Bräuchle (Physical Chemistry, CeNS/LMU Munich)

The winners of the attocube Research Award will be announced at the "CeNS meets Industry" event on July 19, 2013. 


Awardees 2013

attocube Research Award for Master thesis
Friederike Möller, group of Prof. Philip Tinnefeld & Eva-Maria Roller, group of Prof. Tim Liedl

attocube Research Award for PhD thesis
Thomas Faust, group of Prof. Jörg Kotthaus/Prof. Eva Weig & Johann Feckl, group of Prof. Thomas Bein

Awardees 2012

attocube Research Award for Master thesis
Adriano de Andrade Torrano, Group of Prof. Christoph Bräuchle

attocube Research Award for PhD thesis
Christian Dohmen, Group of Prof. Ernst Wagner

Awardees 2010

Attocube-WITTENSTEIN Research Award for Diploma thesis
Thomas Faust, Group of Dr. Eva Weig

Attocube-WITTENSTEIN Research Award for PhD thesis
Jan Vogelsang, Group of Prof. Philip Tinnefeld & Franz Weinert, Group of Prof. Dieter Braun

Awardees 2009

Attocube-WITTENSTEIN Research Award for Diploma thesis
Sebastian Stapfner, Group of Dr. Eva Weig

Attocube-WITTENSTEIN Research Award for PhD thesis
Elias Puchner, Group of Prof. Herrmann Gaub & Qian Huihong, Group of Prof. Achim Hartschuh