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CeNS Associates

Interested Diploma, Masters or PhD students and PostDocs working with a CeNS Member can become CeNS Associates for the duration of their scientific work in the group of the respective research. With their registration, they commit themselves to supporting the interdisciplinary work undertaken by the CeNS members.

The affiliation to CeNS is possible as long as you are doing research in the group of a CeNS member.

Applications are made via the registration form given below. The CeNS management office will confirm your application within about three weeks. Please tick the appropriate box if you are already a CeNS Associate and want to renew your association.

CeNS Associates will be included in the mailing list for the regular CeNS newsletter if not indicated otherwise.

For further questions, comments, unsubscriptions etc. please contact the managing director of CeNS.

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