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Tuesday, 20 December, 2011


Dr. Roman Zantl joins CeNS as Extraordinary Member



Roman Zantl received his PhD in physics from the Technical University Munich in 2001. In the group of Joachim Rädler he worked on the mesoscopic structure of cationic lipid DNA complexes. In the same year he cofounded ibidi and is since then responsible for R&D and sales. The ibidi core technology enables the large scale production of micro fluidic devices with complex designs and for various applications made of thermoplasts and soft silicones. In the main focus of ibidi are functional cell based assays. One example is the first chemotaxis assay for slow migrating cells like endothelial or cancer cells in three dimensional gel matrices over long time periods.  Since 2001 there are more than 1000 scientific papers published with ibidi products.

Website: www.ibidi.de