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Thursday, 23 June, 2011

Wie sich Anyonen nachweisen ließen

Forscherteam leistet Vorarbeit für experimentelle Umsetzung

Tuesday, 21 June, 2011

Acrobatics for Anyons

New Test for Elusive Fundamental Particle Proposed

Tuesday, 21 June, 2011

Acrobatics for anyons

New test for elusive fundamental particle proposed

Tuesday, 21 June, 2011

Auf der Suche nach den Anyonen

Neues Verfahren soll fundamentale Teilchen nachweisen more …

Monday, 20 June, 2011

Neue Humboldt-Stipendiaten an der LMU

Fünf neue Humboldt-Stipendiaten haben sich für einen Forschungsaufenthalt an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) München entschieden. Professor Constantin Bachas (CNRS, Paris) und Professor Richard Shavelson (Universität Stanford, USA) wurden mit dem Humboldt-Forschungspreis ausgezeichnet. more …

Monday, 20 June, 2011

Der Taumel-Lolch und seine Geheimnisse

LMU-Chemiker entwickeln Syntheseweg für Lolin-Alkaloide more …

Wednesday, 11 May, 2011

An important step towards highly effective drugs

Receptor proteins located within the cell membrane serve to convey molecules or information into the interior. Because numerous drugs function by binding to such receptors, their interactions play important roles in the fight against various diseases. For example, the coupling can activate a signal more …

Tuesday, 03 May, 2011

Prof. Hermann Gaub interviewed by nanowerk

"Electric potential has been used to attract polymers continuously to an electrode surface and to toggle molecules between states for a molecular switch," Hermann E. Gaub, a professor of physics and head of the Biophysics and Molecular Materials Group in the Physics Department at the more …

Tuesday, 03 May, 2011

Electric Glue: Electrically Controlled Polymer-Surface Adhesion

Polymer-surface interactions provide a basis for nanoscaledesign and for understanding the fundamental chemistry and physics at theselength scales. Controlling these interactions will provide the foundation forfurther manipulation, control, and measurement of single molecule processes. It is this more …

Wednesday, 20 April, 2011

Wie Moleküle zur rechten Zeit den rechten Ort finden

Essenzielle Transportmaschine der Zelle entschlüsselt more …