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Friday, 08 August, 2008

Physics in the nanoworld

From nanomechanical mass sensors to superconducting nanobolometers for astrophysics, the links between physics and nanoscience and technology are deep and varied.

[...] Daniel Koenig and co-workers describe a nanomechanical single-electron shuttle that is driven by ultrasound waves. In the past, such devices have been driven electrically, leading to unwanted interactions between the device and its drive mechanism. This new approach could lead to the development of high performance nanomechanical single electron devices for applications such as metrology, and possibly a new standard for the ampere.[...]

Source: Nature Nanotechnology, Vol. 3, No. 8, p. 443

Cited article by Koenig et al.: Nature Nanotechnology 3, 482 - 485 (2008)