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Thursday, 18 October, 2007

Innovation Award goes to CeNS Members and Spin-Offs

Funding from the German Government for medical technologies

The research group at the University of Augsburg headed by Dr. M. F. Schneider was awarded  the innovation prize together with the CeNS spin-off company Advalytix (Olmypus Life and Material Science). The third major contribution for the project in the field of medical technologies comes from the group of Prof. S. W. Schneider from the University of Münster. Further project partners are Dr. U. Klinkhardt (Frankfurt) and the Munich-based company ibidi GmbH which is also a CeNS spin-off.

With the funding from the Federal Ministry  of Education and Research, the team plans to develop a lab-on-a-chip for the diagnostics of diseases based on blood clotting. Only six teams within the section of "research projects close to commercial applications"  were announced winners out of about 100 applications  from all over Germany.

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