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Friday, 31 July, 2009

CeNS Spin-Offs Win Prizes

Chromotek and NanoTemper are Winners of the Munich Business Plan Competition 2009



Chromotek (top) and NanoTemper Technologies (down) at the awarding ceremony of the MBPW.

CeNS is again proud of its young entrepreneurs who won yesterday valuable awards in the final stage of the Munich Business Plan Competition (MBPW).
While NanoTemper Technologies finished second in the category "Sprinter" and obtained 10'000 EUR, the team of Chromotek won the first prize in the category "Marathon" and were awarded a prize money of 15'000 EUR.

The company Chromotek develops versatile lab tools for proteome research (nanotraps) and fluorescent nanoprobes called Chromobodies® to target and trace antigens in living cells. Due to their small size, their high stability and a very good compatibility with living cells, they can be used, e.g., for pharmaceutical drug development and biomedical research. Recently, Chromotek has been selected one out of 30 promising start-up companies by the German Economy Magazine WirtschaftsWoche.

The innovation of NanoTemper Technologies is based on a new technique called microscale thermophoresis that allows one to measure interaction between biomolecules at very high precision. The analysis of smallest molecules and the possibility to perform measurements directly in the serum offers a more efficient drug development than with conventional techniques. Using this approach, less effective substances can be detected much earlier, without the help expensive clinical tests. NanoTemper Technologies offers research services for companies and will commercialize a measurement device by the end of 2009.