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Sunday, 09 September, 2012

ERC Starting Grants for Alexander Holleitner and John Lupton

Extraordinary CeNS members win highly-endowed research grant


Two of the Starting Grants awarded by the European Research Council (ERC) in its latest funding round have gone to Professor Alexander Holleitner (TU Munich) and to Professor John Lupton (University of Regensburg), both extraordinary CeNS members. Alexander Holleitner received the Award for his project "NanoREAL" on real-time nanoscale optoelectronics, and John Lupton was successful with his project "MolMesOn" on molecular mesoscopics for organice nano-optoelectronics. The award is worth approximately 1.5 million euros over a period of five years. Starting Grants are designed to support cutting-edge research by supporting outstanding researchers who have already shown themselves to be particularly creative.

Link to Holleitner group

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