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Monday, 17 December, 2007

Germany - Land of Ideas

Attocube selected as on of the landmarks for 2008


Attocube invites the public to visit its labs in Munich on May 23, 2008. more ...


Berlin, 15 Nov 2007 - In 2008, a leap year, the nationwide event series 365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas will present 365 plus 1 landmarks where the future is shaped. The 17-person panel of judges chaired by Prof. Martin Roth, Director General of the Dresden State Art Collections, and Prof. Michael Hüther, Director of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, has picked the winners from a pool of around 1,500 applicants.

The high number of entries even as the contest entered its third year clearly shows that 365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas, Germanys largest event series, encourages creative places and the development of their ideas. It continues the project partnership between the Germany Land of Ideas nation-branding initiative and Deutsche Bank. The term landmarks is used to describe initiatives, institutions, clubs and associations where innovations are developed and ideas are created, e.g. public and private institutions, universities and research institutes, and companies, as well as social and cultural projects.

The broad spectrum of applications submitted reflects the vast diversity and high quality of ideas in the country, as Roth noted: Youll find innovation and creativity everywhere in Germany in the education sector as well as in business and research which we are very happy to present to the public. The '365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas' project has gone beyond being a mere competition and has become a brand associated with our country, a fact we as the judging panel are particularly pleased about. Michael Hüther emphasised that the 365 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas series benefits the whole country: The contest is now known everywhere. Participants know they become part of something, they are recognised as a place of ideas, and they can use this trademark to make things happen.

All landmarks will be presented in a book in early 2008. The collection will be published by DuMont and will be available in bookstores.

Source: www.land-of-ideas.org