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PhD Theses

Find below a list of dissertations of former IDK members:

  • Joanna Andrecka: Single molecule fluorescence studies of the RNA polymerase II elongation complex (LMU München 2009) pdf-file
  • Johannes Bayer: Vom Oligomer zu supramolekularen Strukturen: Studien zur freien Diffusion, Selbstassemblierung und Elektrophorese von DNA und DNA-Chromophor-Hybriden (LMU München 2005) pdf-file
  • Klaus Becker: Kontrolle des Energietransfers in hybriden und pi-konjugierten Systemen (LMU München 2007) pdf-file
  • Ondrej Burkacky: CARS-Mikroskopie und Aufbau sowie Charakterisierung einer Apparatur zur dreidimensionalen Verfolgung von Einzelobjekten in Echtzeit (LMU München 2007) pdf-file
  • Gerke Damsma: Mechanisms of transcriptional stalling and mutagenesis at DNA lesions (LMU München 2010) pdf-file
  • Hendrik Dietz: Mechanische Anisotropie von Proteinen in Einzelmolekülexperimenten (TU München 2007) pdf-file
  • Ricky Dunbar: Using metallic nanostructures to trap light and enhance absorption in organic solar cells (LMU München 2012) pdf-file
  • Hanna Engelke: Coagulation protein FVIII binding to phospholipid membranes investigated by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (LMU München 2010) pdf-file
  • Leila Esmaeili Sereshki: Modeling diffusion controlled reactions in living cells (TU München 2012) pdf-file
  • Carina Frauer: Studies of Mechanisms controlling DNA Methyltransferase 1 (LMU München 2010) pdf-file
  • Sebastian Geiger: Structure and function of RNA polymerase I subunits (LMU München 2010) pdf-file
  • Gregor Heiss: Single-molecule microscopy study of nano-systems: From synthetic photo-switchable nano-devices to the dynamics of naturally occurring transcription factors (LMU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Hauke Hinsch: Entangled Networks of Semiflexible Polymers (LMU München 2009) pdf-file
  • Dominik Ho: Auf Kraft basierender Nachweis biomolekularer Wechselwirkung im Chipformat: Anwendung und Theorie des DNA-Kraftsensors (LMU München 2009) pdf-file
  • Martin Höfling: Simulations and Experiments: How close can we get? (LMU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Matthias Höller: Advanced Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy with Pulsed Interleaved Excitation - Development and Applications (LMU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Anna Jasiak: Structure-function analysis of the RNA polymerase III subcomplex C17/25 and genome-wide distribution of RNA polymerase II (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Franz-Josef Kaiser: Current and Noise in Driven Heterostructures (Universität Augsburg 2009) pdf-file
  • Tomislav Kamenski : Structure and mechanism of the RNA polymerase II CTD phosphatase Scp1 and large-scale preparation of the RNA polymerase II-TFIIT complex (LMU München 2006) pdf-file
  • Johanna Kirstein: Diffusion of single molecules in nanoporous mesostructured materials (LMU München 2007) pdf-file
  • Claus-Dieter Kuhn: Functional Architecture of RNA polymerase I (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Jan-Timm Kuhr: Statistical Properties of Microbial Phenotypes and Colony Growth (LMU München 2012) pdf-file
  • Timo Lebold: Mesoporous silica nanostructures: A versatile platform in Drug-Delivery and Material Science (LMU München 2010) pdf-file
  • Madeleine Leisner: Genetic switching into the competent state. Bacillus subtilis: a single cell approach (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Tim Liedl: Towards autonomous DNA-based Nanodevices (LMU München 2007) pdf-file
  • Sergiy Mayilo: Exploiting Energy Transfer in Hybrid Metal and Semiconductor Nanoparticle Systems for Biosensing and Energy Harvesting (LMU München 2009) pdf-file
  • Judith Megerle: Cell-to-cell variability of gene expression dynamics in inducible regulatory networks (LMU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Wolfram Möbius: Physical aspects of chromatin constituents: DNA dynamics and nucleosome positioning (LMU München 2010) pdf-file
  • Michael Möckel: Real-time evolution of quenched quantum systems (LMU München, 2009) pdf-file
  • Tobias Munk: Complex Transport Processes in Suspensions of Stiff Polymers (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Adam Muschielok: Development and Application of a Quantitative Analysis Method for Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Localization Experiments - Bayesian Inference of Macromolecule Structures (LMU München 2010) pdf-file
  • Richard Neher: Dynamic aspects of DNA DNA-slippage and nucleosome dynamics (LMU München 2007) pdf-file
  • Jan Neumann: Molecular dynamics simulations of protein-protein interactions and THz driving of molecular rotors on gold (LMU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Jürgen Neumann: Sensorische und aktorische Anwendungen akustischer Oberflächenwellen (Universität Augsburg, 2009) pdf-file
  • Elias Puchner: Einzelmolekül-Mechanoenzymatik (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Tobias Reichenbach: Dynamic patterns of biological systems. From transport to species diversity (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Moritz Ringler: Plasmonische Nahfeldresonatoren aus zwei biokonjugierten Goldnanopartikeln (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Carsten Rohr: Rules of molecular self-organization: emergence, control and predictability (LMU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Francisco Javier Rubio Sierra: Controlled surface manipulation at the nanometer scale based on the atomic force microscope (LMU München 2006) pdf-file
  • Anna Sauer: Live-cell imaging of drug delivery by mesoporous silica nanoparticles: Drug loading, pore sealing, cellular uptake and controlled drug release (LMU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Stefan Schiefer: Crystal structure of fiber structured pentacene thin films (LMU München 2007) pdf-file
  • Michael Schlierf: Einzelmolekülmechanik der Faltung und Entfaltung von Proteinen (TU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Peter Schlüsche: Untersuchung der Funktion und Dynamik von DNA-Transkriptionsfaktoren mittels Einzelmolekül-Fluoreszenzmikroskopie (LMU München 2007) pdf-file
  • Julia Schmitz: Cell adhesion mediated by the integrin vla4 (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Nadine Schwierz: Ions and Peptides at Interfaces: From Ion-specificity to Bioadhesion (TU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Ioana Serban: Nonlinearities in the quantum measurement process of superconducting qubits (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Martin Sikor: Single-molecule fluorescence studies of Protein Folding and Molecular Chaperones (LMU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Thomas Sobey: Self-assembly of Artificial DNA
    Nano and Microscale Motifs (LMU München 2010) pdf-file
  • Christian Steinhauer: Imaging and Positioning of Objects at the Nanoscale (LMU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Johann Szeifert: Mesoporous Titania Materials – Tuning and Optimizing Nanostructures and Porous Morphologies (LMU München 2011) pdf-file
  • Manfred Walter: Light-harvesting in single conjugated polymer chains and semiconductor nanocrystals (University of Utah 2009)
  • Stephan Wörmke: Single Molecule Spectroscopy on Native and Reconstituted Peridinin Chlorophyll Protein Light Harvesting Complexes (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Ayhan Yurtsever: Nanotribological surface characterization by frequency modulated torsional resonance mode AFM (LMU München 2008) pdf-file
  • Marco Zanella: Synthesis of advanced inorganic colloidal nanocrystals (Philipps-Universität Marburg 2008) pdf-file