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Maren Reichl (née Funk)


Curriculum Vitae 

since 2010

PhD student in the group of Prof. Dieter Braun, LMU Munich

2009 - 2010

Diploma Thesis at the Helmholtz Centre Munich and the Walter Schottky Institut at the TU Munich 

Topic of Diploma Thesis: "AlGaN/GaN Transistors for label-free recording of cell signals and responses"


Occupational trainee at the Centre for Biophotonics and Laser Science, University of Queensland, Australia 



since 2011

e-fellows.net fellowship

since 2011

Scholarship of the IDK-NBT (Elite Network of Bavaria)

2004 - 2008

e-fellows.net fellowship

Research Project

Binding constants are expected to be very different in vivo than in vitro. Interactions with competitive binding partners in the complex fluid of the cytoplasm are encountered everywhere in biological systems and only partially reproducible in vitro. Thus it is necessary to develop new techniques to measure binding affinities directly inside living cells. My research project is to develop such a technique using novel vertical thermophoresis, the movement of particles and molecules in a vertical temperature gradient. The detection is via TIRF microscopy.


(under my maiden name Maren Funk:)
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