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Mai Sun


Curriculum Vitae

Since 2009

PhD student in the group of Prof. Patrick Cramer, LMU Munich

2007 - 2009

Master of Science in biochemistry, LMU Munich

Topic of Master Thesis: " Crystal structure of the unique tandem SH2 domain of Candida glabrata Spt6 at 1.5Å resolution"

2006 - 2007

Studies in biochemistry, Freie-Universität Berlin

2001 – 2005

Bachelor in Biology, Beijing Normal University, China

Topic of Bachelor Thesis: "Screening and characterization of the lipase from the genomic DNA library of Bacillus psychrophilus"



Since 2009

Scholarship of the IDK-NBT (Elite Network of Bavaria)

Research Project

The mRNA levels of genes in the cell are regulated both by transcription and RNA degradation. My project is focused on the study of the regulation on RNA degradation. In all tested organisms tested, RNA degradation is a prevalent activity. There are three major classes of intracellular RNA-degrading enzymes (ribonucleases or RNases). The RNases encoded by the genome often have overlapping activities, making redundancy a general feature of RNA degradation systems. With some important exceptions, mutation of a single RNA degradation enzyme does not generally result in a complete block to RNA degradation in either eukaryotes or bacteria. This redundancy presumably enhances the overall efficiency and robustness of degradation pathways.

In my research, I’ve optimized the adapted RNA labeling protocol of Dölken et. al. in yeast. And collaborate with the bioinformaticians in Achim Tresch group using the unpublished algorithm to calculate genome-wide the RNA half-lives, in wild type as well as in different mutants. Also, with an unpublished normalization method, we can now deal with the global RNA level dynamic changes. With the help of bioinformaticians, we are still trying to improve our method to get more precise RNA half-life.



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