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Claudia Bellomo


Curriculum Vitae 

Since 2011

PhD student in the group of Prof. Dr. Thomas Bein, LMU Munich


Internship at the Research group of Dr. Stefano Leporatti. National Nanotechnology Lab CNR- Nano. University of Salento- Lecce, Italy

Topic of Master Thesis: "Validation of drug nanocolloids and polyelectrolyte capsules as novel carriers for controlled drug delivery into ovarian cancer cells

2008 - 2010

Master Degree in Medical Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine. Faculty of Biotechnology. University of Bari, Italy


Internship at the Research group of Dr. Carlo Marobbio. Pharmaceutical Biological Department. Faculty of Pharmacy- University of Bari, Italy

2005 - 2008

Bachelor Degree in Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. Faculty of Biotechnology. University of Bari- Bari, Italy

Topic of Bachelor Thesis: "L. Pneumophila Lpp2981 gene cloning and expression in S. Cerevisae"



Since 2012

e-fellows.net fellowship

Since 2011

Scholarship of the IDK-NBT (Elite Network of Bavaria)

Research Project

NanoBioTechnologv is one of the most promising Nanotechnology fields and its tools could improve significantly current clinical- biological practice, thus leading to much more specific diseases treatments in the next future. In this scenario, lots of efforts about nanoparticles setting up as drug delivery systems are made. In my PhD project I want to study Supported Lipid Bilayer (SLB) coating of Silica Nanoparticles in order to create a smart drug delivery tool. SLB- Silica nanoparticles will be supposed to release inner cargo upon exogenous stimuli as a trigger, in order to optimize drug release at target site and, at the same time, avoid unwanted premature drug release effects. SLB Surface functionalization approaches will also be established, in order to increase Silica Nanocarriers specificity towards cell lines/tissues of interest.


D. Vergara, C. Bellomo, X. Zhang, V. Vergaro, A. Tinelli, V. Lorusso, R. Rinaldi, YM. Lvov, S. Leporatti, M. Maffia:
"Lapatinib/Paclitaxel polyelectrolyte nanocapsules for overcoming multidrug resistance in ovarian cancer."
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V. Vergaro, F. Scarlino, C. Bellomo, R. Rinaldi, D. Vergara, M. Maffia, F. Baldassarre, G. Giannelli, X. Zhang, YM. Lvov, S. Leporatti:
"Drug-loaded polyelectrolyte microcapsules for sustained targeting of cancer cells."
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