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Christof Mast


Curriculum Vitae 


IDK Student Representative

Since 2009

PhD student in the group of Prof. Dieter Braun, LMU Munich

2008 – 2009

Diploma Thesis in the group of Prof. Dieter Braun, LMU Munich

Topic of Diploma Thesis: “Accumulation and Selection of DNA in a
Thermophoretic Trap”



Since 2009

Scholarship of the IDK-NBT (Elite Network of Bavaria)

2007 - 2009

Fellowship of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

Since 2005

e-fellows.net scholarship

Research Project

Hallmarks of living matter are the replication of genetic molecules and their active storage against diffusion. In my diploma thesis, I implemented both in a nonequilibrium environment using an IRLaser to create a temperature gradient and pump a DNA‐polymerase solution all optically. The resulting fluid flow both drives the DNA replicating PCR reaction while concurrent thermophoresis accumulates the replicated 86 base pair DNA in bulk solution. In my future work, I will concentrate on realizing an autonomous evolution in this setting. The length‐selective influence of accumulation as well as the step towards a RNA‐evolution will be major research topics.


C. B. Mast,  N. Osterman, and D. Braun:
“Thermal gradients for Molecular Evolution”
COC accepted (2012)

F. M. Weinert, C. B. Mast, and Dieter Braun:
"Optical fluid and biomolecule transport with thermal fields"
PCCP accepted (2011, doi 10.1039/C0CP02359K)

C. B. Mast, D. Braun:
"Thermal Trap for DNA Replication"
Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 188102 (2010)

C. B. Mast,  N. Osterman, and D. Braun:
"Disequilibrium First: The Origin of Life"
Journal of Cosmology, 2010, Vol 10, 3305-3314