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Sebastian Geiger

Curriculum Vitae

since 2010

Postdoctoral research in the group of  John A. Tainer at  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2006 - 2010

Doctoral Thesis in chemistry at the LMU Munich

Supervisor: Prof. Patrick Cramer

2000 - 2005

Diploma in chemistry, LMU Munich

2003 - 2004

Studies in biochemistry,
University of  California in San Francisco (UCSF), USA


Structure and function of RNA polymerase I subunits
Dissertation, LMU Munich (2010) Thesis...


S. R. Geiger, C. D. Kuhn, C. Leidig, J. Renkawitz and P. Cramer:
Crystallization of RNA polymerase I subcomplex A14/A43 by iterative prediction, probing and removal of flexible regions.
Acta Cryst.  F64, 413–418 (2008).


P. Cramer, K.J. Armache, S. Baumli, S. Benkert, F. Brueckner, C. Buchen, G.E. Damsma, S. Dengl, S.R. Geiger, A.J. Jasiak et al.:
Structure of Eukaryotic RNA Polymerases.
Annu. Rev. Biophys. Vol 37. 337 (2008).


C.M. Stack, C.R. Caffrey, S.M. Donnelly, A. Seshaadri, J. Lowther, J.F. Tort, P.R. Collins, M.W. Robinson, W. Xu, J.H. McKerrow, C.S. Craik, S.R. Geiger, R. Marion, L.S. Brinen,  and J.P. Dalton:
Structural and functional relationships in the virulence-associated cathepsin L proteases of the parasitic liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica
J. Biol. Chem, 10.1074 M708521200 (2007).


C.D. Kuhn, S. Geiger, S. Baumli, M. Gartmann, J. Gerber, S. Jennebach, T. Mielke, H. Tschochner, R. Beckmann and P. Cramer:
Functional Architecture of RNA Polymerase I
Cell, Vol 131, 1260-1272 (2007).

L. Larivière, S. Geiger, S. Hoeppner, S. Röther, K. Sträßer & P. Cramer:
Structure and TBP binding of the Mediator head subcomplex Med8–Med18–Med20
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology - 13, 895 - 901 (2006).